Nolan Cunningham

I have been in the Games Industry since 2000 working on a variety of different games, all of which I have been proud to work on. I've had the privilege of working with some great studios such as BioWare, Pandemic Australia and Pandemic LA.

I specialise in making the most out of the hardware avalible, building efficient levels, models and shaders. I find solutions for simplifiying visual elements that work in the game engine while maintaining high visual fidelity. I pride myself on creating strong composition throughout my levels so there is always interest no mater what's on the screen. Over the years working in the industry, I have taken on a variety of roles and consider myself quite adept at taking on new challenges.

I have recently left Bioware Edmonton to be close to family in Brisbane. I am currently working on updating my portfolio and looking for employment opportunities in both games and real time visualisation.

Level Art

Dragon Age Multiplayer: Elvhen

I worked with a Junior Artist to lay out and prop 12 Multiplayer levels that shipped with the game. I was also responsible for much of the Elvhen tileset's architecture, modelling, and texturing.

Dragon Age Multiplayer: Orlais

Dragon Age Multiplayer: Tevinter

ME3: Turian Moon

I was the point of contact from start to finish on this level and created most of the assets associated with the Turian Army and the Moon incluing modeling, texturing, lighting, and placement of assets.

ME3: Thessia Cathedral

I was assigned to the level after the initial game design had begun. I helped to create the final look along with several other artists who assited with modelling and texturing. I was the Artist point of contact during the majority of this level's development through to completion.

ME3: Asari Monastery

I was the Artist point of contact for this level during the initial planning and development. The floor plan was locked down and objects had been blocked out and composed when I was taken off this level to take over Thessia. Modeling and material refinement was completed by another two artists.

Technical Art

3Ds Scripting

Script for 3Ds Max that creates a decal object based off an object and a material.

C++ Project

This program reads bass guitar tablature and populates a level with 2d sprites. There is an "attack" action, and a "go" action which increases the speed at an exponential rate to a max speed. It's built using clan lib 2.0

Personal projects

Architectural Visualisation

A project to explore the potential of Unreal 4 and VR to render architectural plans at a high degree of quality and performance. Surfaces can be changed real time through a GUI using objects that I scripted in Unreal. All textures are procedurally generated through Substance for quick iteration through parameters.


Modelling/material study using 3Ds Max and substance designer, rendered in Unreal 4.

Unreal Design

An Unreal Level I created using some Kismet to create a locked door and a combination lock for a suitcase. I also created all the visual assets.


A building I created learning Maya.

Vancouver Film School Demo Reel

The video I graduated with in 2000 from VFS. Totally not relevant but hey, got to represent my roots. No audio. My roots got eroded.


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Phone: 0498 327 977